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Price List

Pricing for DNA Sequencing ABI 3730

Sequencing service provided Cost/sample
Electrophoresis only 96-well plate format $3.00
Electrophoresis only Individual tubes $4.00
Electrophoresis and Seq. mix $5.00
PCR/Clean-up, Electrophoresis and seq. mix $15.00
Spin Column for clean-up $1.50

Fragment Analysis Pricing ABI 3730

Electrophoresis only $1.00
Electrophoresis and size std. $1.50

454 GS FLX Next Generation DNA sequencing

454 Titanium full run
(includes one library preparation)
454 Titanium library prep. $300/sample

Ion Torrent Next Generation DNA Sequencing

Ion Torrent 314 Semiconductor Sequencing Chip $1,000
Ion Torrent 316 Semiconductor Sequencing Chip $1,250
Ion Torrent 316 Semiconductor Sequencing Chip $1,500
Cost includes Library preparation, EM PCR, and sequencing run for 1 sample.

Affymetrix Microarray Service

Current charges are $100/sample + Array Cost
Array costs vary with the type of arrays used.

Agilent Bioanalyzer Service

RNA assays using RNA Nano and Pico chips $40/run
DNA assays using DNA 1k, 7.5k, or 12k Chips $40/run
DNA assays using DNA High Sensitivity chips $50/run

Pacific Biosciences DNA sequencing

Library preparation $400/library
SMRT cell $150 each
$200 for non-WSU users
DNA sequencing reagents $150 each
$200 for non-WSU users

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

MS Acquisition

MALDI MS spectrum
(MW measurements 200 Da to 200,000 Da)
MALDI MS/MS spectrum
(1~5 proteins, e.g., 2D gel spot)
Protein ID by nano-LC/MS/MS ion trap
(~10-50 proteins, e.g., 1D gel band, IP eluent)
Protein ID by LC/MALDI/MS/MS
(~30-500 proteins, e.g., subcellular extract, IP eluent)

Sample Preparation

Zip-tip $10/sample
In-gel or In-solution Digestion $25/sample
iTRAQ labeling (equivalent of 2D DIGE) Contact Us
2D nano-LC/MS/MS by ion trap
(~200-1000 proteins, e.g., cell lysate)
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