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Genotyping is the process of determining small genetic differences that may lead to major phenotypic changes. These differences can be as small as a single nucleotide (SNP) or possibly the deletion of an entire gene. One way to detect these variations is through DNA fragment analysis. We use the 3730XL DNA Analyzer for genotyping applications such as AFLP, microsatellite, and mutation detection analysis.  


For specifics on genotyping application including manuals and specific protocols, please see the ThermoFisher product page.

ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer 

The ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer is a 48-capillary DNA sequencer and genotyper that provides automated high throughput genetic analysis of DNA fragments. The 3730 can sequence 48 samples in parallel in two hours providing the capacity for analyzing hundreds of DNA samples per day. The instrument is fully automated from sample loading through data analysis. The 3730 is used for DNA fragment analysis such as microsatellites, SNP analysis, mutation detection, and Sanger Sequencing of plasmids and PCR products.


The 3730 can accurately size fluorescently labeled DNA fragments up to 1200bp in length.  DNA size differences of as small as 2 base pairs can be detected utilizing an internal size standard for each well. Our current instrument format allows for the use of 5 different fluorescent dyes, 6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET and LIZ. The LIZ dye is dedicated for the sizes standard. The potential for multiplexing all 4 dyes in one sample allows for high throughput genotyping at a very reasonable cost.

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