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Laboratory of Biotechnology and Bioanalysis Washington State University

High-throughput qPCR

SmartChip Real-Time PCR System

Using only the SmartChip Real-Time PCR System, dispense your qPCR assays and samples, and then run a high-throughput, nanoliter-scale real-time PCR experiment—all in your own lab. Workflows for testing new assays (e.g., dye-binding or probe-based) or running established panels of assays are now simple and easy. Get unrivaled savings on reagents using the SmartChip MyDesign Kit, as each of the 5,184 wells has a reaction volume of just 100 nl. Even with the small reaction volume, you will still obtain exceptional data quality for gene expression analysis and genotyping. Plus, each chip supports 14 different sample and assay configurations, enabling you to run up to 384 samples or assays on a single chip.

Smart Chip

Explore a description of the system and its components, an overview of SmartChip technology, technical specifications, and research application areas here.