Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) Sequel

Pacifica Biosciences employs Single-molecule, real-time (SMRT) sequencing as a third generation sequencing technology that generates long-read (ten thousand to a hundred thousand bases) length DNA and cDNA sequences. With the PacBio Sequel instrument, we are able to generate high-quality single-molecule consensus sequences of cDNA and amplicons <10 kbp long and contiguous sequence reads of 10-50 kbp length for long-read applications such as de novo whole-genome assembly and structural variant discovery.


PacBio Sequel System

Laboratory for Biotechnology and Bioanalysis (LBB) operates and maintains a PacBio Sequel I instrument with the latest and most up to date sequencing chemistries and software. As a PacBio Certified Sequencing Provider since 2014, LBB provides services for library preparations and sequencing from submitted DNA or RNA samples with applications such as Iso-Seq, de novo genome assembly, full length 16S amplicon sequencing and more.

PacBio Service Provider

The PacBio Sequel instruments are the latest platform from Pacific Biosciences that utilize single molecule, long-read sequencing technology, producing extremely long read lengths with up to 7X more data output than the original PacBio RSII platform. This platform will greatly enhance de novo genome assembly projects and facilitate full-length transcriptome sequencing (IsoSeq) efforts.

Pacific Biosciences Sequel Services

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Clonetech cDNA Library Prep for Iso Seq





Multiplex PacBio Library prep





PacBio Blue Pipin Size selected library





PacBio de novo assembly





PacBio Library prep





PacBio Standard SMRT cell sequencing - 10 hour run





PacBio V3LR SMRT cell sequencing - 20 hour run